When you give to the Greater Carbondale YMCA, your gift will have a meaningful, enduring impact right in your own neighborhood. In a world that changes so rapidly, the Y has been at the heart of our community for generations. The Y is a reliable, professionally managed organization guided by four core values (caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility) and is in touch with our community?s changing needs. A healthy Y capable of making a significant impact in the community is a gift we have received from prior generations. It is a gift we should pass along, in a stronger position, to future generations.

Many friends of the Greater Carbondale YMCA choose to help extend their values and the Y?s influence beyond their own lifetimes by gifting some of the assets they have accumulated to the Y?s permanent endowment fund. Donors can direct that their gifts support the overall work of that Y (which allows the Board of Directors to determine where funds are needed most) or designate them to support an area of major focus that will remain integral to the Y and the community it serves for future generations.

A donor does not need to have ready cash to make a gift to the YMCA endowment fund: gifts made in the future are also an important option. The most typical gift methods include making a meaningful donation to the YMCA through cash and cash equilivants, bequests, and publically traded securities.

Individuals who have made a meaningful gift to the YMCA endowment fund are recognized for their generosity and become members of the Heritage Club.

In recognition of the singular role that charitable organizations (such as the Y) play in meeting important needs in our society, the nation?s tax laws provide incentives that encourage philanthropic donations. Depending on the type of gift and specific arrangements, donors to the YMCA endowment fund can expect some or all of these benefits.

When friends of the YMCA make us aware of their philanthropic objectives, we work with them and their professional experts to formulate plans that will fulfill their desire to benefit future generations of children and families in our community through the Y.

At the Y we know there are various gift plans that friends of the Y employ to meet personal, family, tax, estate, and charitable planning objectives. The Greater Carbondale YMCA welcomes the opportunity to confidentially discuss one or more of these options with you.

For additional information, contact Heather Murphy, hl.murphy@greatercarbondaleymca.org or 570-282-2210.

Find out if your donation is eligible for matching gift funds that could double or even triple your support.

Ensure the Y is accessible for generations to come by including the Y in your will is a simple yet powerful way to express your confidence in the Y’s ability to change lives, while gifts of stocks and bonds, real property, and retirement assets could benefit you while helping your community.

Recognize a birthday, anniversary, retirement or life by making a gift in honor/memory of a friend or loved one, and we’ll send a note announcing your thoughtfulness.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact Heather Murphy hl.murphy@greatercarbondaleymca.org or call (570) 282-2210.

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